Pros and Cons of Buying House and Land Package

When you are considering purchasing a house and land package, there are a few pros and cons for you to consider:


Once you have purchased your first house and land package with the assistance of the government grant, and have lived there for a period of six months; you can then rent it out. Actually, tenants love homes which are new compared to older houses.


With a new home, the amount of maintenance should be minimal for the first few years.

Stamp Duty

You can make a saving of many thousands of dollars on stamp duty because you will only pay for the land portion before the building has commenced on the house structure.



With new homes, these are being constructed to make a profit for the developers, and the company involved with the selling. There is also a portion that goes towards the marketing of the properties in question.


Many locations are on the outskirts of the city and may not seem an ideal location for you. So, property prices may sometimes grow slower than further into or in the city.


Many developers build house and land packages, and their finished product may not meet your requirements.

First Home Australia Solutions

We as a company have looked at all the cons and aimed to address them, so you will be left with a win, win situation.


It is true, house and land packages are built to make a profit, although First Home Australia have looked at this and offer a $10,000 incentive bonus. And if you are currently renting, we propose to pay your rental fees until your new home has had its construction completed and you have received the keys.


The locations where our many thousands of properties are located have been carefully chosen. Beautiful locations that are well geared for work, shopping and leisure activities and needs.


We make sure our finish is top notch and give a 6-year structural guarantee, a 12-month guarantee on all materials and craftsmanship, and all fitted appliances come with manufacturers warranties.

As you can see, there is nothing but fantastic benefits for you, and the whole process has been simplified to make owning your own dream home a reality rather than just a possibility.

We’d love to hear from you today. Give us a call and one of our specialists will help you to get started. There’s never been a better time to buy your new house and land package.

Solution to Huge Rental Fees – First Home Buyers

If you are renting and find that the rent just keeps climbing year after year, it may be time for you to consider buying your house and land package.


First Home Australia can help you get out of the rental trap and into a new home in many locations dotted around Queensland. For a limited time, you may be eligible for the full $20,000 from the government towards your first home.

We are also offering a Promo: Pay your rent while you build to First Home Australia clients, and when you break this down to your rental payments, you can see it makes sense to consider purchasing your first home from us. We have some amazing, picture perfect locations… just for you!

The Rental Trap

Many people become trapped with renting as they are unable to save at the same time for their first home deposit. We understand this, and aim to make it possible for these people who find themselves in this position to break away from it.

To make things even more beneficial to you, for clients of First Home Australia (who are currently renting), we will pay your rental charges until your new home has had construction completed and your new home is ready for you to occupy.

House and Land Packages

Many people who rent, find that they are renting properties which are located in areas which are either close to their place of work or conveniently located in areas for social activities and amenities.

Our 1,000s of properties are conveniently located in areas that are either highly accessible to major employment areas, or have sufficient access to transport which allows commuting via public transport systems.

In many cases, in the regions for our House and Land Packages, there are either plenty of career opportunities right now, or places where large businesses are seeing these locations as ideal places to relocate to, or open secondary operations.

Cheaper Than Renting

If you consider everything that is available to you, you know it is possible to purchase your first home. Over time, this will usually be cheaper than renting, and you have the investment aspect thrown in too.

Act now, and huge rental fees can be a thing of the past; with the help of First Home Australia we help gear everything up to make the whole process as simple as possible. You can now, quite easily break away from renting and become the proud owner of your own home.

Where to Find a Good Home Finance Company

When you are looking to purchase your first home, the house and land package choice can be the easiest part of the whole process, and the hard work comes when you are looking for the ideal lender.

What Lenders Look For:

These lenders review vast amounts of information regarding your credit history and regular savings along with your annual income.

For many people looking to purchase their first home, it can be difficult to meet all of these requirements easily, and this, in turn, can make it nearly impossible to be in a position that you can actually purchase your first home. If you decide to save, the chances are property prices have also risen in line with any savings you have managed to make, and this will leave you in the same position as when you started. And for many, this will mean extra rent has also been paid.

First Home Australia Solutions

First Home Australia has looked at these problems and come up with solutions that now make it much easier for first home buyers to purchase their first home.

One of the first things we decided to do was offer fixed priced contracts which leaves no hidden extras, so the price we quote is the price you will pay!

We then make the entire process of being eligible as simple as 1,2,3:

  1. Contact First Home Australia to obtain a preliminary qualification.
  2. Decide which house and land package meets your needs in any of the locations we cater to.
  3. Once you have received approval, our home specialists will guide you through the remaining steps of the process.

The Best Finance Solution

First Home Australia can be your ideal finance company as we deal closely with the developers and are ideally placed to offer the best deals available on our many thousands of house and land packages.

If you are currently renting, we are also proposing to pay rental charges for our clients until their home has had its construction completed and the keys have been handed over for you to take occupancy. We can also use any rental history you currently have, to go towards your proof of savings which will help with your financial application.

If you act quickly, you can also take advantage of the full government grant which is being offered along with the First Home Bonus Incentive. This can make purchasing your first home a breeze and much cheaper than you thought possible.

The Future of Queensland Real Estate Industry

The government is pushing for real estate construction to replace mining as a major form of economy growth. This leads to an increase in the number of investors who snap up property in prominent areas, which in turn helps to force up (not only land prices), but property and rental prices in these regions as well.

You may think it is only homeowners who are affected but many businesses also feel the effects of this. They seek alternative locations to base all, of or some of their operations. For them to do this, they need to look into the up and coming areas, where land prices are low compared to the more traditional areas.

First Home Australia has this insight, and already has 1,000s of house and land packages in these future up and coming areas.

Investment Opportunities

If you are looking at purchasing a new home, one of our prime locations may just be the thing for you to get on the property investment bandwagon. If you find you are eligible for the full government grant, the one stipulation is; that this property is your main home for a period of six months from the time you receive the keys.

Once this period is over, you can be free to use this first home as an investment opportunity. This ensures you use the full advantage of the grants and bonuses available when you deal with First Home Australia.

To achieve this in the current marketplace is nearly impossible, as most of the properties are established, and the prices are already high. So, keeping up with the demand increases. This can make it difficult, first to find a suitable property, or find a property which you can actually afford, realistically speaking.

Quality of Life

A house and land package from First Home Australia can give you the quality of life that is not possible in the more built up areas. Many of the areas are also located in suburbs which are clean and are ideal for raising families. Some of the locations are picture perfect.

First Home Australia can be the ideal solution for you to keep one step ahead of how the real estate industry reacts to the current housing price problems.

Rent to Own or Rent without Owning

Both of these options can have benefits.

Rent to Own

With this method of renting, you would agree on a price with the landlord to purchase the property once the set period has come to an end. Once this has been done and contracts have been signed, your rental fee will include a percentage which goes against the deposit, so, for example: you could pay an increased rate for two years, and this increase is also the deposit at the end.

This has a couple of major downfalls:

If the landlord falls on hard times, he may be forced into selling his property which would leave you homeless, and there is a good chance you will have lost the money you have paid to towards your deposit.

There is also the scenario that, if you wish to move, you will also forfeit any of the excesses which have been saved towards your deposit at the end of the period.

Rent Without Owning

This is a much cheaper option than renting to own and also comes with some of the similar downfalls. Leases are usually for 12 months so at the end of this you are at the hand of the landlord; who is free to increase the rent. He/she may sell his property which can leave you looking for a new place to live. You will also find you are tied to the limitations of the landlord with regard to what you can do or can’t do. This can limit your freedom and prevent you from building a home.

First Home Australia

We have thousands of land and home packages available in Queensland which fit any budget, and on many occasions the cost of purchasing one of these works out cheaper than renting. If you act now and are eligible for the full grant from the government for purchasing your first home, First Home Australia are offering a further bonus incentive. We are also giving you the chance for your rental to be paid until your home is fully constructed. And until the final contracts have been signed, and you have the keys.

When you look at all that is available, you not only receive the equivalent of many months’ rent, you also have your home that’s a great investment opportunity for many years to come.

Things to Do Before Moving to Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be very exciting, especially if you are a first home buyer. A simple checklist is all that is required to keep on top of things to make sure you have everything in place ready for your big day.

Internet Connection

This should be booked for connection at least three weeks before you plan on moving.


Electric and all other amenities need to connect to your new home. Likewise, all these should be disconnected from your previous address ready for the day you move out. This can be a quick call to your new utility provider to give them the date when you need the power and other utilities to be connected to your new home address.

Contact Information

Friends and family should be informed of your moving day and your new address. A simple text or email is more than enough to keep them informed.

Change of Address

This should be done as soon as possible, so there is no need for new tenants in your old address forwarding or returning mail. The post office should be the first place to be informed and any government institutions along with:

Any subscriptions you may have

Car insurance company

The electoral roll

Bank details

Update detail with superannuation funds

House and Contents insurance

Contacting your insurance company for house and contents insurance on your new home is crucial to make sure you will be covered on your moving day. Insurance for your old address should cease the day after you have moved out, and the new policy should be set the day before you move in.

Have Your New Home Cleaned

On many occasions, people enlist the services of professionals to give their new home a thorough clean. House and land packages from First Home Australia are completed and left in a condition that is spotless, inside and out ready for you to move straight in.

Spare Keys

Once you have your new set of keys, you should have an additional set cut, so that on your moving day you can be less stressed.

First Night Box

You should prepare a box with all important things you may require for your first night before you have unpacked.

Clean Clothes

Toilet Paper

Bed Sheets


Coffee and Tea


All of these can make your first night more enjoyable, rather than searching through boxes to find where you have packed things.

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Where to Buy House and Land package in Queensland

First Home Australia has lots of house and land packages available in many areas. To take full advantage, you should act now because the regulations change very soon and you could miss out on a decent contribution towards your first home and land package.

House and Land packages

We have a broad range of house and land packages in the following areas which cover great locations in Queensland. Great work opportunities and clean and healthy living is very important.

First Home Australia covers the following regions:

Brisbane Bay Area, Gold Coast

Ipswich, Mackay, Toowoomba

North Brisbane, South Brisbane

Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast

Incentives & Packages

Many are still available with the government grant until the end of Dec 2017. Couple the government grant with First home Australia’s added incentive and your rental fees (which we will pay) until your property has been fully constructed.

Our House & Land Packages

All of our homes are located in areas where there is continual development of the area for industry and retail. Along with this, we have also chosen ease of access to all forms of transport, be it for around town shopping or commuting for work; all locations have you covered.

Our homes are also covered by fixed price contracts, so the price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extras:

Six-year structural guarantee

12-month guarantee on all materials and workmanship

Appliances covered by manufacturer’s warranty

There has never been a more optimum time to take advantage of all the incentives available and the low prices for our fantastic house and land packages.

First Home Australia also want to make it much easier to move into your new home, so check out the simple 3 step process and see how easy it can be for you to live the life that you desire in a quicker and cheaper way than you ever imagined.


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The Benefits of Renting Your Home

Renting a home can bring with it great benefits while you are looking for your ideal first home.

Renting Benefits

Maintenance – When renting you will have no maintenance costs because this is the responsibility of your landlord, but this also means you are not free to make any changes to the property.

Fluctuating Mortgage Rates – You will be free from any changes of mortgage rates until your current lease expires, but any change will be reflected in the rental payments if you continue and renew your contract.

Flexibility – Once your contract expires, you have the chance to move freely and live where you want.

First Home Australia

As a company, we have looked at the benefits of renting and tried to make it a much more viable option to purchase your own home rather than being stuck in the rental trap. Where you are unable to save enough to cover your deposit.

Many of our house and land packages come with low deposits. We also take your rental history into consideration when it comes to your acceptance for finance, and this shows well if you have a good financial standing. Especially if you are already certified which makes you an ideal candidate for First Home Australia.

If you act quickly, you can still be eligible for the full government grant which is available until midnight on the 30th of June 2017.

First Home Australia are also offering a bonus incentive of $10,000 for our clients when they purchase a new house and land package from the many thousands we have on offer.

We have properties in prime locations that are priced under many current rental rates, and purchasing a house and land package from us means you can finally build a home and a life for you and your family. All without the worry about what will happen at the end of your contract.

If you look at maintenance as an issue, we offer a 6-year structural guarantee and also a 12-month guarantee for all materials and craftsmanship as standard. In regards to any of the many appliances which have been fitted, these come with manufacturers warranties.

For many younger people who wish to have their own place, they may still look at renting as a quicker option. First Home Australia has also considered this, and our whole process is as simple as three easy steps; from being accepted, to receiving the keys to your first home.

We have many properties available which cover a large area of Queensland, so the choice of the location where you live is now just a matter of choice.

Superannuation / Superfunds for First Home Buyers

For many first home buyers, looking to purchase their first home and saving for the deposit can be tough because the amount they can afford to save, falls in line with increases in the rising property market.

One solution is the possibility to use funds from your personal superannuation towards your deposit, although this option is only advisable to individuals who actually pay more towards their Superannuation than the minimum which is required.

This legislation is new and will give first home buyers an opportunity to enter the property market much sooner than they would be able to if they just made regular savings.

How it Would Work:

For a period of time, a certain level of your Superannuation funds are diverted to become your deposit on your new home. This would require higher contribution rates into your super annuation that will replace any lost retirement income.

Using your superannuation to purchase your new home brings with it some pros and cons:


As first-time purchasers, you can now find a way into the property market sooner than you could by other means. Housing affordability will be improved and has been proven by a similar scheme which has been put into place in Canada.


A potential problem with the new scheme for many, is the possibility they will be disadvantaged when they come to their retirement age. The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, state that many people will be unable to fund the lifestyle they seek once they have retired.

A secondary concern with this is that with the higher contribution rates a higher percentage of salary is locked up into a superannuation fund for an extended period of time.

There is, sometimes, an uncertainty in relationships and the financial states of younger couples. There is a higher risk of bankruptcy, divorce or separation which can have a major impact on any additional contributions which are being made into your fund.

First Home Australia has all the expertise you require to help you make your final decision, we also have many house and land packages that have small deposits and would not require this option to be considered.

We aim to offer and provide the best financial advice that can help you own your first home with no risk to yourself or your family.


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