First Home Buyer Investment Opportunity

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Now is the time you have a great investment opportunity presented to you, with the government grant of $20,000 until the end of June and the bonus incentive of an additional $10,000 for First Home Australia clients, there has never been and may well never be again a better chance to get your foot in the door.

Many people normally wait until they have purchased their second or third home before considering investing in real-estate, yet thinking about it now can be a great idea. There are a few reasons why now can be a great time to purchase your first home:

You are Young

While you are young and independent you can take advantage of purchasing a house and land package rather than renting, as this can take you a couple of years to build a good enough credit rating to purchase a home.

Property is Still Cheap

Property prices are still quite low, especially in the areas we have mentioned, yet they are showing signs of increasing, with some as much as 6% per year, so once these areas are in high demand, the chances are the prices will be much higher. Developers do not move into these areas for no reason, they see so much more than we do. Once retail centers are constructed to support the surrounding areas, the property market normally goes through the roof. Most areas will always gain in the long-term.

Secondary Income

When you look at your first home being an investment opportunity, it makes sense. By making full use of the government grant and the bonus incentive from First Home Australia, you have access to an amazing $30,000 which would take years to save by other means.

As long as you fulfil the requirements and reside in your first home for six months after taking possession, you are free to do as you will. And when you look at it on paper, that is $30,000 you have increased your value by in these six months.

You have a great first home owner’s investment opportunity, and there are not many people who can find themselves in this situation. It can take years to build the funds which allow people to be in this position, and if you act now and look at the properties available from First Home Australia, you could be onto a winner.

You will already have a property under your belt and your credit rating will improve when you make on-time payments, so when you decide to look at another property, the whole process becomes easier for you (if you want to reinvest).

We have a wide range of properties in many up and coming areas, which come with a low deposit as well. So, go ahead, take your first steps to financial freedom today. Just click on the properties section of our site.

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