House and Land Packages Defined

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To allow for development to spread to less developed areas, the government makes land available to developers. From here it is their responsibility to supply all roads, utilities, and sewage for any properties they build.

Once a developer has reached this stage, they offer two varying types of house and land package to consumers.

Option one

Here the developer will build homes of a particular design and sell them as a complete package.

Option two

The developer will have for that area, a set number of designs available for consumers to choose from. As well as this design, consumers have a range of lots available to choose from, so, you can have a corner lot rather than a lot that has neighbours on both sides.

Option two will give more options available because essentially you can choose a home design and location that meets your needs more specifically than a complete package that is offered.

If you decide on option two in your desired location, you have a few things to consider to ultimately leave you with the home you wish.

There are many developers available that offer house and land packages, so you have to find the one that not only seems to be giving the best offers but also the one that has a proven track record. Then you know what they are selling is what you will get.

First Home Australia has helped thousands of people in this position who have become proud owners of their dream homes. We have simplified the process and made some of the requirements much easier to reach than many alternative offerings.

The following procedure is pretty much the set standard:

Step one

Discussing your needs and your budget.

Step Two

Discussing any preferences when buying one of the custom home designs.

Step Three

Examining every detail of what will and what won’t be included. Many developers show top quality products in their show homes only to leave you disappointed when you find you do not have the same as your end result.

Step Four

Discussing finance with your financier and asking questions with a sales representative. House and land packages generally come with different funding plans when purchasing off plan.

First Home Australia has made all of this transparent when you decide to choose us for your dream home purchase.

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