House and Land Packages in Rockhampton

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Rockhampton is a regional city that is seeing a growth in interest due to it being a pleasant place to live. It has mild weather for the majority of the year while the summers can become humid.

Rockhampton is located 30 minutes from the coast and 30 minutes from the mountain regions and is ideal for swimming, fishing, diving and many other forms of sport and recreation.


Rockhampton has become an educational center for the surrounding areas, so you will find there are numerous schools and further education options available if you have children.

Getting Around

Rockhampton has become a central transport hub for supporting the surrounding regions and is well located and serviced by national and state highway systems. They are also serviced by long distance coaches and have their own airport and a highly efficient bus services which supports town travels.

Life in Rockhampton

Rockhampton is large enough to have everything, yet small enough to have a quieter life than many built up areas, and you can find most things are accessible within 15 minutes of your home. Yes, so if you are after true city living, you may find Rockhampton a little too quiet.

Local Industry comprises of around 8 major streams, and many jobs are available if you can find something to suit you; alternatively, there are many business opportunities if you find yourself creative and industrious.

Homes and Property

As Rockhampton is steadily growing, there is a great opportunity to capitalize on this as housing prices are still quite low compared to the more suburban areas. A great time to invest.

First Home Australia has a large number of house and land packages available in Rockhampton which can be an ideal way for you to move into your first home and also take advantage of the increase in property prices when it eventually happens.

First Home Australia can help you find your first home in Rockhampton which can offer the following that is not limited to:

  • Low Deposit
  • $20,000 grant (if eligible)
  • $10,000 bonus incentive from FHA (if eligible)
  • Close to schools, amenities and rail network
  • 6-year structural guarantee
  • Appliance warranties
  • Energy efficient homes
  • Air-conditioning
  • Fully landscaped
  • Garage with remote control opening

* Additions are subject to change, please check at time of purchase.

If you are looking for your first home, now is the time to act, the government is only making the full grant available until the end of June 2017 so your time is now and it could be one of the wisest choices you ever make.

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