How Much is a Good House and Land Package?

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There is no fixed price on this question, and the answer would be: a house and land package that meets your needs, and most importantly one that fits your budget.

First Home Australia covers all options available for purchasers of our House and Land Packages, so we have many properties that can fit both your budget and your needs.


This can have a bearing on actual price, but First Home Australia has many locations where house prices are still considered cheap compared to many other housing areas. Our aim is to provide new homes, in up and coming areas that offer a fair deal for your hard-earned cash.

We currently cover many locations in Queensland which can be a location you are looking to live in such as:

Brisbane Bay Area, Gold Coast

Ipswich, Mackay, Toowoomba

North Brisbane, South Brisbane

Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast

Current Incentives

With the current government incentives and the further incentives from First Home Australia, you could be in a position to purchase a home larger than your first thought possible, or you could use these incentives to help reduce the payments on your new home.

It is more beneficial for you to act now and take full advantage of these incentives and bonuses while you have the opportunity rather than waiting and paying full price. We want you ending up with a home which is ideal choice, in your dream location.

First Home Australia

We have thousands of properties which fit all types of budgets in multiple areas. Our properties are also backed by many guarantees and warranties which further add to the list of benefits to you as you make a home purchase. First Home Australia provides customers an excellent choice. We also help to make the whole process simpler when choosing and buying your new home.

The real answer to this sort of question, “how much is a good house and land package?” Would be, the house and land package that you can afford comfortably once you have moved into your new home. We aim to provide you with a new home that you not only find to be great value, it will also be the one that you will feel comfortable in, and this is something that you cannot really put a value on. That’s priceless, really.