Investment Plan for You and Your Family’s Future

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We all know the importance of having investment plans for our family’s future, and many think that saving money in a bank is still the best option. Although it can be a viable option, this money never really achieves the financial security that we desire.

Property is still the best option and when done right it can provide a secure financial future for you and your family. There are many people who look at buying a second or even a third home which can provide a secondary income which can go to build up a very tidy nest egg.

In today’s property market, many of the ideal locations have already been consumed by investors. So, still trying to obtain a suitable property is nearly impossible.

First Home Australia can provide a solution to this and help you with property investments. Making them really come to fruition much sooner than you could ever imagine. By jumping on the property ladder earlier, you have much more scope for future investments as time goes by.

Advantages of Home and Land Packages with FHA

There are many advantages of purchasing your first home with First Home Australia, these can include yet are not restricted to:

  • Low deposits on many properties.
  • Low purchase price compared to many areas.
  • 1000s of properties to choose from in the next possible boom locations.
  • Modern styled homes which can attract better tenants (you must live in your first home for a minimum of 6 months before you can use it as a rental property if purchased under the Government Grant).
  • An extra bonus incentive of $10,000 available to FHA clients towards their new home.
  • Stamp duty concessions available on many properties.
  • Fully guaranteed homes that require little maintenance.

As you can see, these benefits can mount up in your favor, and if you find you are eligible for all of the grants and concessions, you may find you can obtain up to $38,750 towards your new home. This can be a very wise choice if you act now, and you will find, any money which you deposit into a savings account will take years to achieve the same results in comparison.

First Home Australia are also in the process of offering a further incentive to first time home buyers where we will pay any rental charges until your new home has been constructed. Getting your feet on the property ladder and providing a secure investment plan for you or your family has never been so easy.

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