Solution to Huge Rental Fees – First Home Buyers

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If you are renting and find that the rent just keeps climbing year after year, it may be time for you to consider buying your house and land package.


First Home Australia can help you get out of the rental trap and into a new home in many locations dotted around Queensland. For a limited time, you may be eligible for the full $20,000 from the government towards your first home.

We are also offering a Promo: Pay your rent while you build to First Home Australia clients, and when you break this down to your rental payments, you can see it makes sense to consider purchasing your first home from us. We have some amazing, picture perfect locations… just for you!

The Rental Trap

Many people become trapped with renting as they are unable to save at the same time for their first home deposit. We understand this, and aim to make it possible for these people who find themselves in this position to break away from it.

To make things even more beneficial to you, for clients of First Home Australia (who are currently renting), we will pay your rental charges until your new home has had construction completed and your new home is ready for you to occupy.

House and Land Packages

Many people who rent, find that they are renting properties which are located in areas which are either close to their place of work or conveniently located in areas for social activities and amenities.

Our 1,000s of properties are conveniently located in areas that are either highly accessible to major employment areas, or have sufficient access to transport which allows commuting via public transport systems.

In many cases, in the regions for our House and Land Packages, there are either plenty of career opportunities right now, or places where large businesses are seeing these locations as ideal places to relocate to, or open secondary operations.

Cheaper Than Renting

If you consider everything that is available to you, you know it is possible to purchase your first home. Over time, this will usually be cheaper than renting, and you have the investment aspect thrown in too.

Act now, and huge rental fees can be a thing of the past; with the help of First Home Australia we help gear everything up to make the whole process as simple as possible. You can now, quite easily break away from renting and become the proud owner of your own home.