The Common Fear of First Home Buyers

First home buyers can be scared of making that jump into buying their first home. First Home Australia fully understand this and we have spoken to many families who have a big fear of being ripped off.

First Home Australia aims to help their clients overcome their fear by not just offering, but giving the best possible service possible. This does not end once a home has been purchased; we ensure that first home buyers are confident that their home is exactly what they thought it would be, if not better.

At the start of the process, we walk through all the fine print with any potential buyers to make sure they are in a position to be able to afford the property.

Contacts can be another area where some developers or builders leave a grey area, what you see, is not exactly what you get. Hidden charges may be omitted when they propose a first home purchase. We like to tell you everything. We love to make everything clear for our clients.

First Home Australia offer fixed price contracts to alleviate any uncertainty against this. We have no hidden charges, and what you see is most surely what we give to you.

Once your home is finished, we also make sure that everything is to your requirements and to make sure this is done, we provide a full commercial clean of both the interior and exterior of your home before we even give you the keys.

We also provide a six-year structural guarantee on your new home and a 12-month guarantee on all materials and workmanship. Any internal appliances that are installed are fully checked and are provided with the warranty as covered by the manufacturer.

With thousands of happy clients so far, we have proven that our services and procedures are easily followed, easily understood. Most of all, we deliver on all of our promises. Call us today!

The Road to Aussie Dream Home Ownership

There has been a lot of talk in the press about the Aussie dream of home ownership coming to an end, with spiraling house prices and less property available, it is easy to understand that this could be true.

For the dream to become a reality, you have to have a plan or some excellent advice, at least.

First off, deposits can sometimes squash many young home buyers’ dreams, especially if the deposit needed is 20%. This can leave them saving for years with no chance to make this a reality. Having a plan to save or seeking assistance from family, or finding out that you are eligible for first homeowners grant from the government. Try all of these!

A $15,000 incentive certainly changes things when it comes to purchasing your first home. Add this to your savings, and you can be well on your way with First Home Australia. Now all you have to do is to reach the required 20%, or less in many cases.

First Home Australia can make this road much shorter for you; we have thousands of homes available that have required deposits at a much lower rate than the 20%. This can leave you in a much stronger position than ever before.

You may have a dream about your desired location; here we come up trumps again. We have many properties available that are strategically placed around many up and coming desirable areas. Now you have a choice of a new home in an area, that can leave you within minutes of all the best amenities required, be it schools, shopping or transport into the city close by.

First Home Australia are not content with the Aussie dream fading, we want you to find that this dream is not just alive and kicking, but that it is truly possible. First Home Australia has thousands of happy clients who took advantage of our expertise and our amazing properties.

Our dream is to help first home buyers to achieve theirs. From our simple three-step process, we can help you find all about your entitlements, and have you living your dream in the shortest possible time. Take the initiative and grab hold of the incentives while you can, make your dream a reality today! We can’t wait to help you.

Solution to Huge Rental Fees – First Home Buyers

If you are renting and find that the rent just keeps climbing year after year, it may be time for you to consider buying your house and land package.


First Home Australia can help you get out of the rental trap and into a new home in many locations dotted around Queensland. For a limited time, you may be eligible for the full $20,000 from the government towards your first home.

We are also offering a Promo: Pay your rent while you build to First Home Australia clients, and when you break this down to your rental payments, you can see it makes sense to consider purchasing your first home from us. We have some amazing, picture perfect locations… just for you!

The Rental Trap

Many people become trapped with renting as they are unable to save at the same time for their first home deposit. We understand this, and aim to make it possible for these people who find themselves in this position to break away from it.

To make things even more beneficial to you, for clients of First Home Australia (who are currently renting), we will pay your rental charges until your new home has had construction completed and your new home is ready for you to occupy.

House and Land Packages

Many people who rent, find that they are renting properties which are located in areas which are either close to their place of work or conveniently located in areas for social activities and amenities.

Our 1,000s of properties are conveniently located in areas that are either highly accessible to major employment areas, or have sufficient access to transport which allows commuting via public transport systems.

In many cases, in the regions for our House and Land Packages, there are either plenty of career opportunities right now, or places where large businesses are seeing these locations as ideal places to relocate to, or open secondary operations.

Cheaper Than Renting

If you consider everything that is available to you, you know it is possible to purchase your first home. Over time, this will usually be cheaper than renting, and you have the investment aspect thrown in too.

Act now, and huge rental fees can be a thing of the past; with the help of First Home Australia we help gear everything up to make the whole process as simple as possible. You can now, quite easily break away from renting and become the proud owner of your own home.

Superannuation / Superfunds for First Home Buyers

For many first home buyers, looking to purchase their first home and saving for the deposit can be tough because the amount they can afford to save, falls in line with increases in the rising property market.

One solution is the possibility to use funds from your personal superannuation towards your deposit, although this option is only advisable to individuals who actually pay more towards their Superannuation than the minimum which is required.

This legislation is new and will give first home buyers an opportunity to enter the property market much sooner than they would be able to if they just made regular savings.

How it Would Work:

For a period of time, a certain level of your Superannuation funds are diverted to become your deposit on your new home. This would require higher contribution rates into your super annuation that will replace any lost retirement income.

Using your superannuation to purchase your new home brings with it some pros and cons:


As first-time purchasers, you can now find a way into the property market sooner than you could by other means. Housing affordability will be improved and has been proven by a similar scheme which has been put into place in Canada.


A potential problem with the new scheme for many, is the possibility they will be disadvantaged when they come to their retirement age. The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, state that many people will be unable to fund the lifestyle they seek once they have retired.

A secondary concern with this is that with the higher contribution rates a higher percentage of salary is locked up into a superannuation fund for an extended period of time.

There is, sometimes, an uncertainty in relationships and the financial states of younger couples. There is a higher risk of bankruptcy, divorce or separation which can have a major impact on any additional contributions which are being made into your fund.

First Home Australia has all the expertise you require to help you make your final decision, we also have many house and land packages that have small deposits and would not require this option to be considered.

We aim to offer and provide the best financial advice that can help you own your first home with no risk to yourself or your family.


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Choosing the Right Company for First Home Buying

When looking for your first home it can seem quite a daunting task, first, you have secure your financing. Secondly, you have to either find an existing home or a developer who has properties in the location you want and a style of home that you like.


Lenders take a lot of things into consideration when you apply for finance on a new home and unless you meet all their requirements it can be difficult to obtain the financing you need for a specific property you like.

Property Developers

There are many property developers you can choose from, but the areas that they are constructing may also not be in an area of your liking or choice. It should also be a major priority that you do your homework to find a developer who is both reputable and who can offer you everything that you are looking for.

First Home Australia

We as a company, understand how frustrating it can be when you are in this situation. Our objective is to help first-time buyers find their first home and to provide a service which can meet all of their requirements. We have thousands of properties available in many prime areas and also in fantastic areas which ‘are up and coming,’ and may eventually see a boom in property prices.

We also stand by our developers who provide homes which are ideal for first home buyers and are fully modernized as you would expect. We also offer expert financial advice and financial solutions which can help you acquire your first home with minimal fuss.

We have simplified our process into 3 simple steps:

  1. Contact First Home Australia for your preliminary qualification.
  2. Choose your house and land package in any of the great locality areas we cover.
  3. Obtain approval and our home specialists will guide you through the remaining parts of the process.
  4. Get excited!

Our Services

As part of our commitment to our clients, we can help clients with any government grant applications, and we also offer our own bonus incentive for choosing First Home Australia as the perfect company for buying your first home.

Not only do we guide you through the whole process, we ensure you get full value for money. Additionally, many properties can be subject to low deposits to help you move into your new home sooner as well.

Now is the time to take advantage of the incentives which are available and which change at the end of June 2017. You will find that First Home Australia doesn’t just meet your requirements and expectations, we totally exceed them.

Contact us today, we can’t wait to serve you!

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Benefits of Buying Your First New Home

There are many benefits of buying a new home compared to an established one, and none of these have ever been so present as they are right now. But time is running out to take full advantage and to reap the most benefits available. You need to act NOW!

House and land packages currently offer the most benefits, especially if you are a first home buyer and a client of First Home Australia.

Grants and Incentives

For a short while, the full $20,000 is available for first home buyers if you are eligible. Contact us today! First Home Australia offer an incentive bonus of $10,000 for all of their eligible clientele.

Call us today!

Stamp Duty Savings

On home and land packages, you can make further savings from paying stamp duty, because this is only paid on the value of the land as your home has not yet been built! This saving can amount to a further $8,000 (approximately) in savings.

Low Maintenance

Home and land packages will require less maintenance as they have just been constructed. If a home and land package is purchased through First Home Australia, you will receive a guarantee for 6 years on the structure of your home, and a 12-month guarantee on all materials and workmanship. Any appliances which are included in your home will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This information is correct at the time of print.


With home and land packages from First Home Australia, you now have a choice of loads of properties in many prime locations that you would not have considered if you looked for an established home. You also have the benefit of being able to move in immediately rather than the old owner having to move out of their old property.


New homes provide a much better investment opportunity compared to older homes, in most cases. They also require less maintenance and they will attract a better class of tenant if you are in a position to use your new home as an investment property.

**Note: for first home buyers, you must reside in this property for a period of six months from when the building has been completed before you can rent it.**

First Home Australia, are holding their first promotion on NEW Home and Land packages, where we will “Pay Your Rental” until your home has its construction completed. This promotion is currently available on new properties in Yarrabilba, and the promotion will be followed by other prime areas very soon. So, hurry, because these may fall beyond the cut off time to achieve the full government grant option.

Act today… we can’t wait to hear from you!

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First Home Buyer Investment Opportunity

Now is the time you have a great investment opportunity presented to you, with the government grant of $20,000 until the end of June and the bonus incentive of an additional $10,000 for First Home Australia clients, there has never been and may well never be again a better chance to get your foot in the door.

Many people normally wait until they have purchased their second or third home before considering investing in real-estate, yet thinking about it now can be a great idea. There are a few reasons why now can be a great time to purchase your first home:

You are Young

While you are young and independent you can take advantage of purchasing a house and land package rather than renting, as this can take you a couple of years to build a good enough credit rating to purchase a home.

Property is Still Cheap

Property prices are still quite low, especially in the areas we have mentioned, yet they are showing signs of increasing, with some as much as 6% per year, so once these areas are in high demand, the chances are the prices will be much higher. Developers do not move into these areas for no reason, they see so much more than we do. Once retail centers are constructed to support the surrounding areas, the property market normally goes through the roof. Most areas will always gain in the long-term.

Secondary Income

When you look at your first home being an investment opportunity, it makes sense. By making full use of the government grant and the bonus incentive from First Home Australia, you have access to an amazing $30,000 which would take years to save by other means.

As long as you fulfil the requirements and reside in your first home for six months after taking possession, you are free to do as you will. And when you look at it on paper, that is $30,000 you have increased your value by in these six months.

You have a great first home owner’s investment opportunity, and there are not many people who can find themselves in this situation. It can take years to build the funds which allow people to be in this position, and if you act now and look at the properties available from First Home Australia, you could be onto a winner.

You will already have a property under your belt and your credit rating will improve when you make on-time payments, so when you decide to look at another property, the whole process becomes easier for you (if you want to reinvest).

We have a wide range of properties in many up and coming areas, which come with a low deposit as well. So, go ahead, take your first steps to financial freedom today. Just click on the properties section of our site.

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No Deposit Home Loans

It may have been a case a few years ago, that a 100% “NO” deposit home loan was available, but things change and it is no longer possible for these to be found easily without good proof of savings.

Although, if a person is creative enough, they may be able to find themselves eligible for a 100% home loan, but this would be subject to availability.

Here there are some tips of how you could achieve it:

105% Guarantor Home Loans

  • With these, you can borrow 105% of the purchase price.
  • It is not required for you to have savings.
  • Your parents must provide the lender a guarantee which is secured against their property.
  • This is currently the best and easiest way to purchase a property without a deposit!

A Gift

  • Some lenders will consider your loan application even if you have not saved the deposit yourself.
  • Is it possible for your parents to find 5% to 15% of the purchase price?
  • Around 60% of first-time buyers have assistance from parents.

Use a Personal Loan as Deposit

  • Is your deposit small, in the range of 3% to 5%?
  • Are you in a career which has a high income?
  • It is possible for you to borrow 95% of the purchase price, plus taking on a personal loan.
  • It is not possible for you to have over $10,000 outstanding debt.
  • Your credit history must be clear.

Equity in Other Property

  • Are you already an owner of another property?
  • Any existing equity can be used towards your deposit.
  • If your equity is large enough, it is not required for you to have savings.

Using Superannuation

  • Are you in possession of over $150,000 in superannuation?
  • It is possible for you to set up a self-managed superannuation fund which you can use to help purchase a property?
  • This property must be for investment purposes and not for living in.
  • You are eligible to borrow 80% of the purchase price.
  • Your superannuation covers the cost of your deposit, so no savings are required.

With all the options, available, it is still advisable to have professional advice, even with option number one which is the best way, because this puts an element of risk against your parents and not just you and your home.

It may be tempting to look at any of the options above, but the risks should be considered before jumping into a commitment that is difficult to get out of. Always seek financial advice from a reputable advisor.