The Common Fear of First Home Buyers

First home buyers can be scared of making that jump into buying their first home. First Home Australia fully understand this and we have spoken to many families who have a big fear of being ripped off.

First Home Australia aims to help their clients overcome their fear by not just offering, but giving the best possible service possible. This does not end once a home has been purchased; we ensure that first home buyers are confident that their home is exactly what they thought it would be, if not better.

At the start of the process, we walk through all the fine print with any potential buyers to make sure they are in a position to be able to afford the property.

Contacts can be another area where some developers or builders leave a grey area, what you see, is not exactly what you get. Hidden charges may be omitted when they propose a first home purchase. We like to tell you everything. We love to make everything clear for our clients.

First Home Australia offer fixed price contracts to alleviate any uncertainty against this. We have no hidden charges, and what you see is most surely what we give to you.

Once your home is finished, we also make sure that everything is to your requirements and to make sure this is done, we provide a full commercial clean of both the interior and exterior of your home before we even give you the keys.

We also provide a six-year structural guarantee on your new home and a 12-month guarantee on all materials and workmanship. Any internal appliances that are installed are fully checked and are provided with the warranty as covered by the manufacturer.

With thousands of happy clients so far, we have proven that our services and procedures are easily followed, easily understood. Most of all, we deliver on all of our promises. Call us today!