The Road to Aussie Dream Home Ownership

There has been a lot of talk in the press about the Aussie dream of home ownership coming to an end, with spiraling house prices and less property available, it is easy to understand that this could be true.

For the dream to become a reality, you have to have a plan or some excellent advice, at least.

First off, deposits can sometimes squash many young home buyers’ dreams, especially if the deposit needed is 20%. This can leave them saving for years with no chance to make this a reality. Having a plan to save or seeking assistance from family, or finding out that you are eligible for first homeowners grant from the government. Try all of these!

A $15,000 incentive certainly changes things when it comes to purchasing your first home. Add this to your savings, and you can be well on your way with First Home Australia. Now all you have to do is to reach the required 20%, or less in many cases.

First Home Australia can make this road much shorter for you; we have thousands of homes available that have required deposits at a much lower rate than the 20%. This can leave you in a much stronger position than ever before.

You may have a dream about your desired location; here we come up trumps again. We have many properties available that are strategically placed around many up and coming desirable areas. Now you have a choice of a new home in an area, that can leave you within minutes of all the best amenities required, be it schools, shopping or transport into the city close by.

First Home Australia are not content with the Aussie dream fading, we want you to find that this dream is not just alive and kicking, but that it is truly possible. First Home Australia has thousands of happy clients who took advantage of our expertise and our amazing properties.

Our dream is to help first home buyers to achieve theirs. From our simple three-step process, we can help you find all about your entitlements, and have you living your dream in the shortest possible time. Take the initiative and grab hold of the incentives while you can, make your dream a reality today! We can’t wait to help you.