The Benefits of Renting Your Home

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Renting a home can bring with it great benefits while you are looking for your ideal first home.

Renting Benefits

Maintenance – When renting you will have no maintenance costs because this is the responsibility of your landlord, but this also means you are not free to make any changes to the property.

Fluctuating Mortgage Rates – You will be free from any changes of mortgage rates until your current lease expires, but any change will be reflected in the rental payments if you continue and renew your contract.

Flexibility – Once your contract expires, you have the chance to move freely and live where you want.

First Home Australia

As a company, we have looked at the benefits of renting and tried to make it a much more viable option to purchase your own home rather than being stuck in the rental trap. Where you are unable to save enough to cover your deposit.

Many of our house and land packages come with low deposits. We also take your rental history into consideration when it comes to your acceptance for finance, and this shows well if you have a good financial standing. Especially if you are already certified which makes you an ideal candidate for First Home Australia.

If you act quickly, you can still be eligible for the full government grant which is available until midnight on the 30th of June 2017.

First Home Australia are also offering a bonus incentive of $10,000 for our clients when they purchase a new house and land package from the many thousands we have on offer.

We have properties in prime locations that are priced under many current rental rates, and purchasing a house and land package from us means you can finally build a home and a life for you and your family. All without the worry about what will happen at the end of your contract.

If you look at maintenance as an issue, we offer a 6-year structural guarantee and also a 12-month guarantee for all materials and craftsmanship as standard. In regards to any of the many appliances which have been fitted, these come with manufacturers warranties.

For many younger people who wish to have their own place, they may still look at renting as a quicker option. First Home Australia has also considered this, and our whole process is as simple as three easy steps; from being accepted, to receiving the keys to your first home.

We have many properties available which cover a large area of Queensland, so the choice of the location where you live is now just a matter of choice.