Things to Do Before Moving to Your New Home

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Moving into a new home can be very exciting, especially if you are a first home buyer. A simple checklist is all that is required to keep on top of things to make sure you have everything in place ready for your big day.

Internet Connection

This should be booked for connection at least three weeks before you plan on moving.


Electric and all other amenities need to connect to your new home. Likewise, all these should be disconnected from your previous address ready for the day you move out. This can be a quick call to your new utility provider to give them the date when you need the power and other utilities to be connected to your new home address.

Contact Information

Friends and family should be informed of your moving day and your new address. A simple text or email is more than enough to keep them informed.

Change of Address

This should be done as soon as possible, so there is no need for new tenants in your old address forwarding or returning mail. The post office should be the first place to be informed and any government institutions along with:

Any subscriptions you may have

Car insurance company

The electoral roll

Bank details

Update detail with superannuation funds

House and Contents insurance

Contacting your insurance company for house and contents insurance on your new home is crucial to make sure you will be covered on your moving day. Insurance for your old address should cease the day after you have moved out, and the new policy should be set the day before you move in.

Have Your New Home Cleaned

On many occasions, people enlist the services of professionals to give their new home a thorough clean. House and land packages from First Home Australia are completed and left in a condition that is spotless, inside and out ready for you to move straight in.

Spare Keys

Once you have your new set of keys, you should have an additional set cut, so that on your moving day you can be less stressed.

First Night Box

You should prepare a box with all important things you may require for your first night before you have unpacked.

Clean Clothes

Toilet Paper

Bed Sheets


Coffee and Tea


All of these can make your first night more enjoyable, rather than searching through boxes to find where you have packed things.

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