Where to Buy House and Land package in Queensland

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First Home Australia has lots of house and land packages available in many areas. To take full advantage, you should act now because the regulations change very soon and you could miss out on a decent contribution towards your first home and land package.

House and Land packages

We have a broad range of house and land packages in the following areas which cover great locations in Queensland. Great work opportunities and clean and healthy living is very important.

First Home Australia covers the following regions:

Brisbane Bay Area, Gold Coast

Ipswich, Mackay, Toowoomba

North Brisbane, South Brisbane

Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast

Incentives & Packages

Many are still available with the government grant until the end of Dec 2017. Couple the government grant with First home Australia’s added incentive and your rental fees (which we will pay) until your property has been fully constructed.

Our House & Land Packages

All of our homes are located in areas where there is continual development of the area for industry and retail. Along with this, we have also chosen ease of access to all forms of transport, be it for around town shopping or commuting for work; all locations have you covered.

Our homes are also covered by fixed price contracts, so the price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extras:

Six-year structural guarantee

12-month guarantee on all materials and workmanship

Appliances covered by manufacturer’s warranty

There has never been a more optimum time to take advantage of all the incentives available and the low prices for our fantastic house and land packages.

First Home Australia also want to make it much easier to move into your new home, so check out the simple 3 step process and see how easy it can be for you to live the life that you desire in a quicker and cheaper way than you ever imagined.


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