Yarrabilba Your Wise Life Choice

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In 2010, it was planned that Yarrabilba was to be the location for a future city. Remarkably, construction has slowly continued and there has been a significant amount of commercial structure completed already. Access to schools is only minutes away as are the retail sectors, and the “Darlington Parklands” super park has been finished as well. All of these areas will do nothing but increase in value over time and bring with them higher property prices and gain for investors.

For first home buyers, now is the ideal time to consider a home and land package in Yarrabilba, because you can take full advantage of the low starting prices and the full range of services and guarantees that First Home Australia provides with all of its properties.

Yarrabilba is our first region to offer this “Pay Your Rental” until your home has been constructed promotion. We will later be offering similar in the following regions.

  • Gatton – starting price of $369,000
  • Harristown – starting price of $433,000
  • Cotswold Hills – starting price of $440,000
  • Torrington – starting price of $469,000
  • Westbrook – starting price of $409,000
  • Cambooya – starting price of $379,000

There is no need to delay, there is only a short time left before the government grant changes back to the reduced amount. Please contact First Home Australia today and obtain the grant in full, and remember, our included bonus incentive and our offer to “Pay Your Rental” while your home is under construction.

Benefits of Buying a New Home

There are many benefits of buying a new home compared to an established one, and none of these have ever been so present as they are right now. But time is running out to take full advantage and to reap the most benefits available. You need to act NOW!

House and land packages currently offer the most benefits, especially if you are a first home buyer and a client of First Home Australia.

Grants and Incentives

For a short while, the full $20,000 is available for first home buyers if you are eligible. Contact us today! First Home Australia offer an incentive bonus of $10,000 for all of their eligible clientele.

Call us today!

Stamp Duty Savings

On home and land packages, you can make further savings from paying stamp duty, because this is only paid on the value of the land as your home has not yet been built! This saving can amount to a further $8,000 (approximately) in savings.

Low Maintenance

Home and land packages will require less maintenance as they have just been constructed. If a home and land package is purchased through First Home Australia, you will receive a guarantee for 6 years on the structure of your home, and a 12-month guarantee on all materials and workmanship. Any appliances which are included in your home will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This information is correct at the time of print.


With home and land packages from First Home Australia, you now have a choice of loads of properties in many prime locations that you would not have considered if you looked for an established home. You also have the benefit of being able to move in immediately rather than the old owner having to move out of their old property.


New homes provide a much better investment opportunity compared to older homes, in most cases. They also require less maintenance and they will attract a better class of tenant if you are in a position to use your new home as an investment property.

**Note: for first home buyers, you must reside in this property for a period of six months from when the building has been completed before you can rent it.**

First Home Australia, are holding their first promotion on NEW Home and Land packages, where we will “Pay Your Rental” until your home has its construction completed. This promotion is currently available on new properties in Yarrabilba, and the promotion will be followed by other prime areas very soon. So, hurry, because these may fall beyond the cut off time to achieve the full government grant option.

Act today… we can’t wait to hear from you!

Image Source: UnityHomes.com.au